Closet Cleaning

I am a huge believer of when things are organized your mind is fully at ease. Who doesn’t love when things colour coordinate so perfectly, it’s like art! 


If you’re anything like me and love your clothes then plan to give yourself PLENTY of time to do this project. 


You don’t want to rush this!! 


When I lived at home my clothes were everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. On my floor, on my bed, all over the washroom and everywhere in between. I didn’t care back then as it didn’t bug me as much but now I can’t even have a tan shirt mixed into the white shirts or it stresses me out! I have become very particular about how my clothes are organized and I will be sharing my best tips and tricks with you here.


Step 1: Book off about 2 full days or dedicate your entire weekend to the closet.  


Step 2: Matching hangers 


You don’t need to break the bank!! I find myself that when you have matching hangers it is so much easier to see everything and it’s so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It’s almost like room decor. You can purchase any type of hanger that you like, personally I love the velour ones as the clothes never slip off them. 


If you’re trying to stick to a budget, sometimes the most aesthetically pleasing hangers aren’t the right is damn expensive. I would just suggest putting any hangers that somewhat match next to each other and then using the remaining ones in a section that maybe isn’t the first place your eye looks when you open your closet.


Step 3: You’re going to think this is ridiculous but this was one of the best tips my mom ever gave me about organizing... take absolutely everything out of the room you want to organize...and I mean everything! Don’t even leave your socks in there.


This is so important because you will get rid of so much more stuff that you don’t you probably get why I told you to dedicate a full two days to this haha.


Now...I’m sure most of you have heard of Marie Kondo and if you haven’t please go search her up! She is the queen of organizing and has the best quote ever that you will need to use while organizing your closet.


“Does this item bring me joy”


Ask yourself this for every single time you are hesitant about keeping or throwing away an item. If you haven’t wore the item in a year or two it probably doesn’t bring you much joy haha 


There are so many amazing companies out there that you can either sell your clothes to or donate to. If the item doesn’t bring you joy, I know it will bring someone else it so you might as well let it ain’t doing anything hanging in the closet but taking up prime real estate! 


Go through each item of clothing and ask yourself that question. If you’re unsure about something, designate a pile of items that you are unsure about and can come back to with a clear mind at the end. 


I recommend having 3 piles of clothes:

One for giveaway

One for garbage 

One for unsure 


The garbage pile is meant for that underwear collection every girl has where you just can’t seem to throw it out because you paid at least 10 dollars at Victoria secret for it. If it’s not comfy and you haven’t worn it in 6 months get rid of it. And no one wants used underwear for sanitary reasons, so toss that in the garbage pile. 


The giveaway pile is for any clothes that are in good condition but they just don’t bring you any joy or purpose anymore. These clothes are going to be like Christmas morning for some people so just know that you are doing a good deed.


After you have gone through ALL your clothes, it’s now time for organizing! 


Slowly bring one pile of clothes preferably the same type of clothing item back into your closet area. I would personally start off with the article of clothing you have the most of! I.e pants or shirts.Then start organizing! 


I personally like to organize by type of clothing article as well as colour. I do this by hanging all my tops together but making sure they go something along the lines of this:

White, grey, black, blue, green, pink, red...


Now very important! 


I wish every closet had endless space but we aren’t all kardashians so in reality they don’t. This means you really have to make sure your clothes are well organized so you know exactly where everything is. 


I personally like doing it like this: 


When you are organizing a colour start it off by doing tanks, t-shirts, quarter length sleeves, long sleeves, hoodies. I do this for every colour. I find this really helps in knowing exactly where the shirt I’m looking for is going to be. It takes a bit of time when doing it at first but in no time you get the hang of it! I love neutral colours so this really helps when I own about 50 shirts that are all in the colour white. 


After you have hung or folded all your clothes and can see every colour clearly, you can move on to shoes and accessories!! 


If you don’t love it then donate!! 


Most girls have their few jewelry pieces they wear every day as staples and then all the rest of the jewelry they have owned since they were about is the time to get rid of a few things! The less jewelry you have the more you will be able to see! 


Jewelry stands are awesome for necklaces and bracelets as you can see the full thing and the chance of it getting tangled is slim!


If anyone has IKEA dressers their kompliment insert for jewelry is lovely as it fits perfectly into your wardrobe.


Basically use anything that makes your jewelry easily accessible and organized :)


Last but not least: Bras and underwear! 


This organizer is a bit pricey but believe me when I say it is worth every penny. I love this for my bras as it makes sure your bras stay in great shape all while looking extremely organized.


Now for underwear: I wish underwear looked neat while being folded but no one has got time to fold a strip of fabric to look perfect on a daily basis. I have found for myself that I can keep underwear organized if I have two bins. I like putting my comfy underwear/ bikini type in one bin and my thongs in another. Just make sure the bins you purchase can fit in a drawer!


This is also great for bathing suits! I personally have way too many that I store them in a bin and bring out seasonally but if you just have a few then this is a great option for you too :)


By the end of this process, your closet should start looking as if a professional organizer had done may have even discovered some forgotten gems along the way. Below are a few photos of my home closet and I hope it can bring you guys some inspiration! Comment below if you have any questions! Xox